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Alignbooks GST software

Alignbooks is a GST enabled business accounting Software. It is completely Make In India concept. Alignbooks is beyond accounting. Alignbooks are designed by functionaries who have decades of combind experience and are passionate to follow pursuit of excellence as core values. Aligbooks got promoted with just two thins in mind, Business coverage and Ease of use to forge Business Excellence. Alignbooks modules were specifically crafted to serve the needs of varied users. Alignbooks is I number of application, which created of IX numbers of modules, VIII numbers of Industries. Alignbooks is believe that  "Online is not an option, it is the only option". But alignbooks provide you both option i.e. Online (Cloud Base Accounting Software) and Pure offline application (Suitable for traditional business entity).Alignbooks is made for MSME, Chartered Accountant, CMA, Book-keeper, and business executive and for those who always remain on the move. Online version of Alignbooks is available at very low price and maintenance free.



01 Book Keeping Module

Traditional book keeping with a modern flair.

  • Manage your accounting with AlignBooks software and save your time and efforts flawlessly.

  • Use the cloud based bookkeeping software with ease and collaborate effortlessly.

  • Alignbooks take the full control over your accounting books even while you are moving.

  • Alignbooks software contribute to nature by removing the need of paper prints and reports.

02 Biling or Purchase Module

Automate your monotonous templates to concentrate on important stuff...

  • Alignbooks is GST enabled best Purchase Billing Software for Small Business.

  • Alignbooks comes with pre-defined templets,with full automation of billing,accounting and tracking process.

  • Alignbooks allows you to control billing components like a professional.

  • Reduce dependency is a most distinct feature of the this billing software and totally integrated with finance module.

03 Invoicing or Sales Module

Automated scheduling, multiple currencies, perfect integrated with finance. Just like plug & play.

  • Alignbooks is the best GST enabled Sales Invoice Software Online for Small Business.

  • The sales and invoicing software eases the access and saves lot of your time with multiple pre-defined templets.

  • Alignbooks allows you to generate Sales Invoice even you on the move through our mobile apps.

  • The sales and invoicing solution comes coupled with accounts and finance with multi currencies features.

04 POS Module

Barcode, promotions, coupons and counter managment system..

  • Alignbooks POS provides you Multiple counter management.

  • In built promotions engine to configure promotions on the basis of item value, number, customer type, tender type, etc.

  • Auto calculate and manage salesman incentives for people working at each counter.

  • Refund past orders to store credit, gift cards, or back to the customer using the original payment method.

05 Customer Relation Management (CRM) Module

Order management, credit control, salesman productivity....

  • Sales and Order Management : Manage all your incoming leads, sales and orders with one intuitive CRM solutions software AlignBooks and avoid wastage of extra time & efforts.

  • Commission Management : The CRM solution provided by AlignBooks allows small businesses to link the sales incentive with corresponding sales teams.

  • Data Import and Export : While this cloud CRM software keeps your data safe, it also allows you to data migration in a jiffy using spreadsheets.

  • With easy Sales management features of AlignBooks CRM module, you can cut down on your over expenses & improve overall sales efficiency.

06 Payroll Module

Statutory compliance, automated posting and employee document management for you to look after your employees...

  • Alignbooks provides best payroll cloud based software for small and medium business houses.

  • Alignbooks provides full customization of your pay-slips as per requirement of your business.

  • Align Payroll software takes care of HR related statutory compliance.

  • Alignbooks online payroll software automates and simplifies attendance and leave management as well as employee documents management.

07 Inventory Module

Inbuilt Bar code system, attribute based multiple units and batch wise details along with workflow management....

  • Alignbooks provide your business to manage inventory flow across multi location and multi level as well bath-wise.

  • Alignbooks gives you attribute based inventory analysis.

  • Alignbooks is cloud base software that helps you keep a track of every stock flow with real time delivery status.

  • Alignbooks allows you personalized reporting formats, inbuilt bar-code management and GST compliance.

08 Discrete Prodution Module

Production planning and per unit cost availability...

  • Alignbooks discrete production software allow you to personalize the production process and operation.

  • Have consumer demand forecasts and other vital ingredients to match your production and inventory to enhance productivity.

  • Alignbooks linked with production plan,sales forecast,material requisition planning for consumption.

  • Alignbooks manufacturing ERP software help to plan your production on the basis of stock,delivery time,lead time etc. You can also tracks your expenses up to grass root levels.

09 Asset Tracking Module

End to End management of assets right from procurement to disposal...

  • The IT asset management software allows you to categorize your assets on the basis of usage, type, and value.

  • Asset Management software helps you in fulfill audit compliance, reconcile assets,and identify damaged assets.

  • The real-time reports avail you transparency over asset maintenance logs and service history.

  • The reason that is in the list of best asset management software of 2017 is that it auto calculates depreciation on various assets.

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  • Intuitive dashboards and reports for a bird's eye view of company's performance.

  • Manage incentives and track sales linked to each sales man

  • End to end purchase management right from order to invoice to payment.

  • Complete financial accounting for all organizations of all sizes.

  • Enables ease of use to make you feel at home through multi language facility.

  • Automatic management of TDS as per the Income Tax Act.

  • Automatic manage GST and auto calculation of GST components like SGCT,CGST,IGST etc.

  • Absolute flexibility for on the move accounting through mobile application. Manage your business anywhere, anytime.

  • Bulk data upload through excel.

  • Make role wise user access rules for enhanced security.

  • Maintain an approval hierarchy for critical documents on the basis of value.

  • Mail or SMS any document to a concerned stakeholder.

  • View books of multiple years whenever and wherever required.

  • Make your own modifications as per requirements.

  • Inbuilt Help in form of videos, text and summary.

  • Maintain, multi level GRN,Dispatch note to track supplies and received goods.

  • Salesman/Agen based tracking of commission, discount.

  • True multi-currency designed for global transactions.

  • Self designed reports

  • Multi location and branch accounting

  • Warehouse based inventory

  • Inter branch receipts & issue

  • Extra level of classification for documents for further analysis.

  • Design your own print documents as per the requirments of your company.

  • Added flexibility for your customers by providing them visibility over their payments, deliveiries etc.

  • Estimations, Planning, Scheduling and Execution of production.

  • Seamlessly inetegrated payroll with abolute transparency.

  • Batchwise Inventory

  • Select industry standard or customise per your need.

  • Multiple price lists and discounts.

  • Serial Number based inventory

  • Configurable billing extras.

  • Multiple voucher series.