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Easy is cloud base accounting software, you can run your business from anywhere at any time. Know your up-to-date business finances on the go using our intuitive dashboard and extensive reports. Easy provides you Invocing to Payroll to accounting facility in a very easy way. Easy has a basket with various feather like easy accounting, Auto and Manual banking, Invoicing,Purchase Bills,Financial Report, Fixed Asset Management,Free updates durithe the tenure,Multi Currency, Par Roll and most important GST compliance. Easy providing you a law cost, one stop book keeping solution for SME,Medium class of business houses.

  • Easy Invoice: Create Easy Professional looking GST ready Invoice and  customise them using your company logo and color scheme. You can choose the information you want to display on your invoice. Attach any documents to your invoice. Recurring invoices save your time by creating invoices automatically on defined interval. Create credit notes for customer refunds.

  • Comprehensive Financial Reports: Get real time view of all your company financial through Easy Reporting. Our detailed reports like balance sheet, profit & loss, trial balance, aged debtors and creditors help you to manage your finances. Transactions reports made it easy for you to look for any particular transaction or filter transactions for particular account to check total balances.

  • Dash Board: Get a quick glance at your business finances. Dashboard gives you an overview of your business finances. Keep you up to date with your bank balances, outstanding invoices and bills, real-time cash flow and profit & loss. Having a complete view of business cash flow is the most important for any business. Real-time Cash Flow gives you idea on your business making money or burning cash at any given point. You can read Outstanding Bill and Invoices as well as Bank overview on single screen.

  • Asset Management: Manage all your company assets from Easy. Record all details like Asset code, purchase value, depreciation method, depreciation rate, Depreciation account. Manually process depreciation for all your assets and keep your books up to date. Easy Accountax lets you sell or dispose your asset. Easy does all back end work for you and creates required journal entries so you don’t need an expert knowledge to manage your company assets.

  • Free Upgrades: The software is constantly enhanced with new functionality without charging any extra fees.

  • Purchases: Whether it’s a business expense or personal expense you can track all your expenses right from Easy. Upload the scanned receipt to Easy, don’t worry anymore of losing them. Once they are in Easy they are secure. Easily manage payment of all expenses to reflect them in your bank statement. Use our mobile app to snap the receipt as soon as you get it and upload them on Easy so you never miss them. You can also create the expenses at the same time saving your time and forgetting claiming it later on.

  • Banking: Manage all your bank accounts easily,and keep them up to date. Connect Easy to your bank account or import your bank statement into Easy. Match statement lines from your bank accounts with transactions in Easy. Easy to keep your accounts up to date and accurate.

  • Live Stock Update: Your inventory is continuously updated on your balance sheet to track real time value of your stock item. Inventory items speed up the process of creating invoices as all default values are predefined. Easy Accountax have real time stock valuation facility. Set up the things you buy and sell as untracked items to make creating quotes, invoices and purchase orders quick and accurate. Create more accurate quotes and Invoices,fast

  • Bulk data upload through excel.

  • Project Management: With our project management tool you can easily create new projects, create different tasks under each project and assign budget for each tasks. This way you can define overall project budget and track the current work done and set the budget against each task. Your employee can submit timesheet defining number of hours spent on each task and project which helps you to invoice your client accordingly. Get detailed view of project budgeting. You can track live profitability on projects. Reimburse expenses related to a projects.

  • Payroll: Easy payroll is everything you need to automate your payroll. A cloud payroll that connects directly to your accounting software and which you and your employees can trust.

  • GST Return: Easy is now GST ready. Easily file all your GST returns with one click. As you already have your invoices and bills entered in Easy we will automatically submit them to GST Server. Is your business registered under composition scheme? Easy supports composition scheme and help you accurately file your quarterly GSTR4 return under composition scheme.

  • Data Security: Easy Accountax use SSL to securely transmit data between your browser and Easy server.

  • Business Type: Easy Accountax is compatible for retailers, Techno hubs, Legal firm, Startup, Business Chain, E-commerce Business, Cafe & Retaurants, other Services Providers.


Sanjay Engineering Enterprise

This is the best and cheapest cloud base accounting software for SME and very Small businessman. I found this software is very easy to updoad GST return on GSTN portal.

Mayuri Joshi

Though Easy Accountax is cloud base accounting software, my CA or GST consultant can easily access my data for Tax audit and GST return filing purpose.

Ramashanker Rai

Easy Accountax has all features what I was searching for. Easy Accountax has eye catching dashboard. I am a service provider so, for Invoicing through mobile it is very simple. I can generate Invoice any where any time without help of any desktop computer.