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Google G suite is a basket which contain cloud based powerful web application such as G-mail using for business communication, Google Drive for file sharing and storage facility, Docs & Sheet is working just like Microsoft Office tool i.e. Word and Excel functionality, Hangouts, Calendar, Slides, and Groups. G suite can use from any platform like mobile, laptop, desktop, table, notebook. G Suites apps are synchronized with Google Drive app, so you can access all the data while you are traveling.  G suites allows real time collaborates & manage all documents as well as business communication centrally.

Features of G Suite apps:


Gmail: Create your business or services email looking professional such as or with G suite, which enhance credibility and build brand of your business. – Create Domain base email address through G Suite.


Google Drive: It is very sophisticated & comprehensive cloud base interface where you can store and share your all google docs, access them anywhere , import or export them very easily. You can feel it as an extra hard drive provided by G suite.


Google Calendar: Every business houses has their own agenda to be discuss in the meeting. You can share it within your team members with a single entry which can be edited by any one of your team members. You can schedule your meeting with set of reminder and can be access offline also. You can use contact, notes to access at any time from any device.


Hangouts: This is very excellent app which helps you to communicate through video conference between many participants (Chat with Max 30 Participants) on real time, there is no need to be being all in the same conference room.


G suite have many useful functionality such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms, even you can create intranet within your organization or a portal for your clients and share information very easily. Google offers 14 days Free Trial of G Suite after that it is available at amazing price of $5 p.m. / per user, even small trader or business man can afford it.